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High School Guidance and Counseling

Meet the Team

High School Counselors and Support Staff

An image of Kamber Smith

Kamber Smith

Counselor (A-L)
An image of Kaitlyn Wilson

Kaitlyn Wilson

Counselor (M-Z)
An image of Shawna Haynie

Shawna Haynie

Academic Programs Coordinator (504)
An image of Tammy Blackburn

Tammy Blackburn

District Testing Coordinator

Grade Level Information

2022-2023 Scholarships and Deadlines for Seniors

Click on a scholarship to learn more about it. To search several scholarships at once, select the following:  Scholarship Guide

Vexus Scholarship (Deadline 3.3.2023)

South Plains College Scholarship (Deadline 3.1.2023)

  • Students will only have to complete one general scholarship application.  This includes answering five short-answer essay questions, submitting at least one reference letter, providing an activity resume, SAT/ACT scores, if they have taken the tests (they are not required), and a high school transcript with grades through the Fall 2022 semester.  Any question with an * is required and must be answered.
  • Students will need to have applied and been accepted to South Plains College before they can log into the scholarship portal.  If they are current dual credit students, then they can sign in with their current SPC/Blackboard credentials.
  • The deadline date for this application will be Wednesday, March 1, 2023. Please email or call should you have any questions.