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SISD Grading Policies & Procedures - 2020 Spring Semester

Posted Date: 04/03/2020

SISD Grading Policies &  Procedures - 2020 Spring Semester

Shallowater ISD Parents and Guardians,

In light of the changes all Texas schools are experiencing with COVID-19, the Texas Education Agency has given districts the flexibility to continue providing you with information if your student is not performing satisfactorily every three weeks while having overall performance for the fifth and sixth six weeks periods provided at the end of the sixth six weeks.

Since families are adjusting to distance learning, we will have one final report for all core subjects at the end of May.  

Grades will be as follows:

Pass:  students showed effort and completed the work

Incomplete:  students have the means to access the work but are not making an effort to complete assignments

Exempt:  it is documented that the student does not have access to the work, or there is a family circumstance that prohibits student completion

Thank you for ensuring our students are completing all their assignments within the time allotted, as teachers are actively monitoring student performance and growth.

Our goal is to have all students meet their proficiency levels for this year in order to ensure they are prepared to be academically successful moving into the next school year.

We are all one TEAM, and we look forward to continue working closely with you during this time.

High School Credit on Transcript:

For transcript purposes, GPA calculations will cease effective the end of the fourth six weeks.

Numerical grades for any student who is taking high school credit for transcript purposes, including Algebra 1 in Middle School, will be calculated in the following manner:  the first semester grade will stand as recorded.  The second semester grade will be determined by averaging the first, second, third and fourth six weeks grades.  This average will reflect the second semester grade on the transcript.  Assigning work and submitting work back to teachers will continue, and communication from teacher to parents will be key in the continuing of learning during these times.

Elementary, Intermediate and Middle School:

As for elementary, intermediate and middle school, we will take on the following grading policy for the fifth and sixth six weeks:  P for Pass, I for Incomplete, and E for Exempt.  Teachers will have at least one grade posted per week for each content area that is on a child’s report card.

Other Key Points:

We will be closing Gradebook on Monday, April 6, 2020 at 8:00am. At this date and time, it will no longer be accessible. Teachers will keep a spreadsheet for student grades.  Teachers will use already established means for communicating with parents regarding missing work.  I personally thank you for your understanding during these times.  Right now life is hard, but we will succeed and our students will benefit!

Kenny Border, Ed. D.

Superintendent, SISD