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Get Started Now

  1. Go to and download the app for Android or iPhone (ParentSquare will be available to new, incoming students, and their parents after the new school year has rolled over in Parent Portal, late July to early August).
  2. Once registered at Shallowater ISD, ParentSquare automatically generates an account for each parent using their preferred email address and phone number from Parent Portal. Shallowater ISD staff will log in using your SISD Google account. *Keep in mind any changes are updated at midnight every day, so if you don’t see changes immediately, check back the following day.*
  3. Verify your information (you’ll only need to do this once).
  4. Set your notification preferences to Instant or Digest (once per day) depending on your preference.
  5. Set your language settings to the language you want to send and receive messages.
  6. Explore your dashboard – desktop and mobile app!