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Special Programs and Assessment



Special Education

Shallowater ISD provides a wide range of programs for students with disabilities for ages 3 through 22. We are a part of a Special Education Cooperative, H.O.N.D.A., with four other districts. This arrangement allows us to share resources and expertise among the five districts.

Shallowater Dyslexia Program

Students with specific reading difficulties are provided assistance through the dyslexia program. Each student's educational program is designed to meet his/her individual needs.

Assessment Information - Tammy Blackburn - Testing Coordinator

If there are questions regarding the district assessment program, please contact SISD Superintendent, Anita Hebert or the campus principal. The district utilizes many forms of assessment to provide the foundation upon which instructional decisions are made.

TPRI Assessment

SISD utilizes TPRI (early grades) to identify student strengths and weaknesses in grades K-1st.

Parent Resources

Information regarding the state testing program components can be found at this link.