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Branding Guidelines

Shallowater ISD Branding Guidelines

Shallowater ISD Logo               Shallowater ISD Logo


The District logo is used for the official work of the District at the academic and administrative levels. This logo should only be used in black, white, or red (please see the district’s color values below).


Mustang  Mustang  Mustang  Mustang  Mustang


The Mustang is the most identifiable Shallowater ISD logo and is used in various places, but primarily for extra-curricular activities and athletics. It should only be used in the colors presented above - using the color information listed below.




Shallowater ISD's logos should be used and presented consistently across the District and community. Altering of any kind to the District logo or Mustang will not be tolerated. Altering includes stretching design, manipulating color, overlaying patterns, and adding to or removing from the logos above. Please see the examples below for unacceptable use of the District logo or Mustang.


Shallowater ISD Logo - miscolored

*Manipulating color/pattern*


Mustang - stretched/distorted

*Distorting/stretching design (simply drag from corners when resizing)*

Shallowater ISD Logo - distorted

*Distorting/stretching design (simply drag from corners when resizing)*


SISD Colors