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Instructional Materials Adoption

Instructional Materials Adoption


    Shallowater ISD is committed to selecting and providing quality curriculum resources, professional learning, services, and instructional materials that support student learning. The process for the selection of instructional materials provides an opportunity to make informed decisions in selecting quality, state curriculum-aligned instructional materials.

    The State Board of Education (SBOE) issued Proclamation 2024 to call for instructional materials in the following subject areas:

    • Science, K-12
    • Technology Apps, K-8
    • CTE, various courses
    • Personal Financial Literacy and Economics

    The district-adopted materials to support the TEKS of the included courses are scheduled for implementation in the 2024–25 school year.

    Throughout this process, Shallowater ISD stakeholders have worked to accomplish the following goals:

    • Preserve the integrity of the adoption process,
    • Provide opportunities for feedback and input on proposed selections,
    • Select the best instructional materials for students and teachers,
    • Follow state and district policy (EHAA) in the instructional materials selection process 
    • Support the final instructional materials selections with professional learning opportunities and technical assistance.


    • Publishers will only conduct demonstrations/presentations that the district administration initiates. Publishers may not initiate or schedule appointments with members of the Board of Trustees, individual teachers, and/or campus or district staff. Neither the publisher nor their representative may visit, contact by email, or conduct presentations on individual campuses. Individual or mass mailings, letters, emails, or telephone communications from publishers are not permitted
    • Any publisher violating district guidelines regarding the process may be barred or disqualified from participating in the SISD instructional material selection process

    For more information on Proclamation 2024, please visit TEA’s Instructional Materials website.


Instructional Material Adoption Process

Throughout the 23/24 school year, Shallowater ISD has followed a strategic process for the adoption of new instructional materials in the areas of K-12 Science, K-8 Technology Applications, and Career and Technology Education (CTE). The detailed timeline illustrates the collaborative, ongoing process that has been followed for the review and selection of these resources.