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SISD Traffic Patterns and FAQ

SISD Traffic Patterns and FAQ

2023/2024 SISD Traffic Pattern Map

  • Students who ride the bus will have a very similar experience.  All morning bus drop-off locations will remain the same.  For the afternoon, buses will still start at the elementary before continuing to the intermediate.  The only change is that the buses will now go to the middle school rather than the high school before departing on their routes.  This change will result in fewer students crossing the highway at dismissal.

  • All crosswalks marked in yellow on this map will be supervised.  SISD has worked with the city and TXDOT to clearly mark manned crosswalks.  Students are asked to only use designated crosswalks when crossing.

  • In the interest of safer and more efficient traffic flow, we strongly encourage all parents to use the main parking lot on the East side of campus.  An organized drop-off lane (entering and exiting off 10th St.) will be supervised to assist you and your student with a smooth experience.  All other parking lots near the elementary will be closed in the mornings.

    For afternoon pick-up, parents of Kinder/1st graders will use the same lane used for morning drop-off.  PreK students will use the parking lot on the West side of the building for afternoon pick-up.  

    Parents who wish to walk their student to the doors of the building are asked to park along the street as all parking lots will either be closed or utilized as traffic lanes.

  • Most 5th/6th grade classrooms are located on the East side of the middle school.  Parents are encouraged to approach from the West and use the traffic lane located in the football stadium parking lot.  Vehicles will then exit the parking lot by turning right onto FM 1294.

    Most 7th/8th grade classrooms are located on the West side of the middle school.  Parents are encouraged to approach by traveling North on Ave L. before turning right into the circle drive near the main entrance of the building.  Vehicles will then exit the circle drive by turning right onto FM 1294.

    For any middle school student whose 1st or 8th period classes are located at the high school, we encourage parents to approach from the East, and use the circle drive located on the front side of the high school campus.  This will allow for a drop-off/pick-up of students that does not require them to cross the highway by foot.

  • No.  You may choose the one location that works best for you and drop off multiple students at once.

  • Since buses will be picking students up from the intermediate, there *should* be no need for them to cross any traffic. In the event they miss the bus pick-up for whatever reason, they can follow the crosswalk path through the stadium to catch their bus in the middle school parking lot. This eliminates crossing FM 1294 completely and provides a safe path for them if need be.